As the result of memorial performance of the entertaining band Simax (Trade Unions Works Council at Technicke sklo, n.p.) at the wedding reception of Martin Junec wife’s cousin (accordionist was Ing. Rudolf Hruskovic) a vocal and instrumental duo consisting of Ing. Rudolf Hruskovic (vocals, accordion, electrophonic organ, automatic drummer), and Martin Junec (vocals, tenor saxophone) was formed. After several successful and less successful performances at various dancing parties, balls, and wedding receptions in Nova Ves environs, the duo passes qualification tests and Junec’s brother-in-law, Karol Mader (vocals, guitar, bass guitar) joins the band. It is Karol Mader (nicknamed Joffrey) who brings new drive in the band and makes it play pop-rock songs. His ability to sing in Hungarian language (picked up by listening) and in pigeon English (phonetic fake) allows HuRyTan to significantly extend its repertoire.

In February, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the “Victorious February”, HuRyTan in association with the local brass band Hasicianka, children’s choir at the local school of music, and the group of poetry reciters “Cerveny kutik” (Red Nook) present in the Local Community Center in Nova Ves a performance in which musicians, singers, dancers and reciters are involved. The audience consisting of the communist functionaries, members of the local Frontier Guard unit, primary pupils, and performers’ relatives warmly received a music piece of the so called “upper pop”.
HuRyTan, with its three musicians, becomes soon a professional band and it launches its career in bars in Bratislava city. Of course, the HuRyTan musicians do not quit playing their music at wedding receptions, balls, parties and other events that take place in the capital’s outskirts. The band wins a lucrative engagement in Bulgaria for the summer season (May - September).

Another summer engagement in Bulgaria and winter engagement in the Swiss ski resort in Davos.

After their summer engagements in Norway, two HuRyTan members - Martin Junec and Karol Mader - stay in “West”. Ing. Rudolf Hruskovic returns back to the home country without his colleagues. The Panelagh brothers, Patrik (drums) and Mario (bass guitar), become the new members of the band. The renewed HuRyTan gets engagement in the Jalta bar, Bratislava.
On request of the Swiss manager, Karol Laczko, the guitarist, and Martin Wischwader, the sax player, join the band. Furthermore, a trio of ladies – vocalists, Monika Lehotova-Opletalova, Fylis Gasparikova, and Vladka Pospechova come to support the band.

Ing. Hruskovic leaves the band for his career of a healer. He runs his business as a freelancer within the socialistic small business operations.
Ivan Jakubik, the keyboardist, replaced him in the band.
Fylis Gasparikova leaves for her maternity duties.

The Panelagh brothers leave the band. HuRyTan is determined to continue its mission as a trio and lies off the female singers Pospechova and Lehotova-Opletalova.

Trio HuRyTan involving Ivan Jakubik (vocals, selfplayer, and automatic drummer), Karol Laczko (vocals, bass guitar, and guitar) and Martin Wischwader (vocals, sax, trumpet, and selfplayer) appear on the dance parties and weddings in the environs of Nova Ves.
In November 1989, the band breaks up due to slow business. However, the main reasons are political disputes and other activities of the members.

The first edition of the book “Mlady Donc” (Young Dônc) by the wannabe writer Peter Pistanek is released. The book includes the novelette “Muzika” (Music) describing, with some exaggeration, the early years of HuRyTan combo. Despite the satirizing and abusive portrait of some members of the band and their experience, this little piece of art causes growing interest in HuRyTan in the place where they played before.
Ing. Hruskovic is ready to bring the wannabe writer Pistanek to court for libeling, as he was described in the book as a complete twat and swine. Finally, personal insults within inter-neighbor relations satisfy him.

HuRyTan’s comeback attempt within summer dance parties, led by its founder Ing. Hruskovic. Despite Ing. Hruskovic’s initial interest in revival, the attempt fails due to his busy time schedule.

Pistanek, the wannabe writer, publishes his book Rivers of Babylon 2 in which he continues throwing harsh insults at the former HuRyTan members. Describing the adventures fabricated in his American exile, Pistanek scoffs at Martin Junec and Karol Mader. Moreover, in Pistanek’s book, Martin Junec performs some perverse sexual activities with a female whom he does not know at all, and sells small lamps. None of these fabs is based on true story. Karol Mader even dies in this book-to-be. In addition, the healer and visionary Ing. Hruskovic (currently known under the name Ing. Pradjayana Swami Brahmaputra) is described in the book as a mere liar and charlatan.

HuRyTan’s revived popularity gives rise to a homonymous music festival. The first year of the festival held in Banska Stiavnica town is a financial fiasco. One of the key factors is HuRyTan’s canceled “comeback” performance due to technical failure.

The band which assigned the name to the HuRyTan Festival is missing also in the second year of the event (this time the festival takes place in the amphitheater at Budkova street). The festival organizer prefers to be no longer engaged in the festival and recedes into underground.

In addition to his activities related to the initiation of the Led Zeppelin band reunion, the table drummer (do not confuse table drums with the Indian tabla drums) Attila Otvos decides to initiate the comeback of HuRyTan. (Read the interview with him entitled “Thirteenth Apostle”) Even though not a single of the band’s former members replies to his mails concerning his memberhip in the band, agile Otvos understands their silence as “silence that implies consent” and he believes that the reunion of HuRyTan is in the bag.
Silver-tongued Otvos convinces also the experienced music promoter who organizes another Hurytan Festival, this time in Bratislava, Zlate Piesky lakes. It seems that this time HuRyTan will perform at the festival, but their performance is cancelled at the end, because the table drummer Attila Otvos practiced so much in the days preceding the concert that his skin came off from both his index fingers. Moreover, a dispute arose as to whether the production of HuRyTan could be ranked as the world music. Third, none of the former members of the band gave a ring to Otvos or showed interest in his activities. It would be really interesting to see what Otvos would do, if the performance was not cancelled.

The shooting of a film based on Muzika, the backbiting book of the wannabe writer Pistanek, starts. Information about the upcoming project appears in daily papers, and new objections are raised by the former members of the band, Ing. Pradjayana Swami Brahmaputra, Martin Junec, and Karol Mader. Attila Otvos, the self-styled fourth member of the band and the strongest supporter of the band’s message (see the interview “Thirteenth Apsostle”), joins them vehemently in their protests. Their dissatisfaction arises especially from the use, for the film-making purposes, of the book written by practically insignificant wannabe writer Pistanek. Attila Otvos offers to write the actual story of the band, but he is prevented from it. The selection of the protagonists (Jan Budar, Lubomir Kostelny, and Marek Geisberg) for the new film is another problem of the former members of the original HuRyTan and Attila Otvos. “I was more handsome,” is the answer of Ing. Pradjayana Swami Brahmaputra to the question of the local TV reporter. “Today, I know that the inner personality is more important than the external appearance. Yet, in those days I didn’t know that and, therefore, I insist that the actor playing my role be replaced with someone more attractive.”
“Is this scarecrow to be me?”, asks Martin Junec in respect of the actor Lubomir Kostelny.
The only one who says nothing is Karol Mader who continues to be nicknamed Joffrey by his current colleagues in the machine and tractor station.

Attila Otvos accuses an unknown offender (he was unable to find out the name and the address of the production firm) of abusing the life story and personality elements of the actual members of the band. He seeks damages of SKK 20 million for himself, apology for Ing. Pradjayana Swami Brahmaputra, Martin Junec, and Karol Mader, death penalty for Pistianek, and long terms of imprisonment for the producer, director, and writer of the film Muzika.

Financial settlement takes place between Ing. Pradjayana Swami Brahmaputra (who represents the interests of Martin Junec and Karol Mader) of the one side, and the productions of the film Muzika of the other side. The subject matter of the settlement is the consent of the band members to the film Muzika and the acquisition of rights related to the name HuRyTan for the purpose of establishing a band of this name.
The revived HuRyTan consisting of Jan Budar (vocals, keyboard instruments), Marek Geisberg (vocals, guitar), Lubos Kostelny (vocals, saxophone), Robert Mankovecky (vocals, guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer, automatic drummer), Jaroslav Jonis (saxophone), Stefan Jurik (tenor saxophone), Pavel Ribaric Sr. (vocals, accordion, trombone), and Pavol Ribaric Jr. (drums) records songs for the new film Muzika. One song is recorded by the HuRyTan band composed of Samuel Tomecek (vocals, keyboard), Ondrej Krajniak (keyboard), Matej Bugala (guitars), Martin Ziak (bass guitar), and Emil Fratrik (drums).
“There were just the three of us and what great music we had!” Karol Mader makes his voice heard skeptically. “The band must be swarmed with people now to be able to replace us.”

Preparations for the premiere of the film accompanied with public performances of HuryTan after many years are under way. The former male and female members of the band are expected to participate in person. Attila Otvos is particularly interested in whether or not he will be invited to the premiere and the after-party. He hopes that he can finally meet Ing. Pradjayana Swami Brahmaputra, Martin Junec, and Karol Mader as well as the actors in person.

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